Data Stored in DNA

DNA Strands

The link below is from 2012, but it’s still fascinating.  700 TB of data was stored in DNA.  Could this be the precursor to creating androids?


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Titor Appears 2014


I do not know if John Titor himself will be physically coming to 2014, but according to his mother, Kay, more posts or an interview may appear in July or November of 2014. This information was broadcasted via his lawyer, Larry Haber, on the Fade to Black radio show on June 12, 2014 at approximately 10:30pm Eastern. The information given was extremely vague, so it is unclear if Kay will be relaying a message or if Titor himself will be appearing.

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Impossible Planet


Scientists discover a “Mega-Earth” they once thought was impossible.

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No Longer a Mystery

John Titor: No Longer a Mystery

Today, I read a blog by Temporal Recon and one word stood out from his writing. In fact, it was that one word  that inspired me to write this blog, and that word is ‘mystery’. I haven’t felt many creative urges to write or  explore the John Titor story during the past few months. I’ve blamed the mental boredom on being busy and simply lacking inspiration, but I believe I’ve finally discovered the true issue at hand. After doing years of research and discussing the story at length with a few individuals, I’ve come to realize that the John Titor saga is no longer a mystery to me.  Because of this, I’ve lost the feeling of intrigue and wonder.

After finding a book mark from 2008, I recently discovered that I have been studying John...

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New Time Machine

We’ve been over-thinking time travel. Titor, this one’s for you.

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NASA’s Flying Saucer


Nasa develops a flying saucer for Mars missions.

Photo my NASA

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Russian Time Traveler


Eugene Gayduchok
The Mystery of A Russian Time Traveler

First, I have to admit, it has not been easy reading about Mr. Gayduchok on various Russian websites translated by Google.  The grammar styles never transalte properly, so it is a tiresome read. I decided to blog about this man in English and will provide the original Russian links at the end for your own research.  So, on with the story. I will summarize the information I found.

In 1985, a man named Eugene Gayduchok visits Moscow to speak with a parnormal investigator named Vadim Chernobrovay...

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Cosmic Expansion


Scientific Proof of Cosmic Expansion

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Guide to John Titor


A Beginner’s Guide to John Titor

I am writing this blog with the assumption that you know the basic story of John Titor. You can read my John Titor summary in my interview with Temporal Recon.  Instead of re-telling the story and in an attempt to educate or enlighten the public, I would like to post some basic and somewhat random information about John Titor that is based on my own research and my conversations with my mentor. Some of the information will most likely be disputed, and that is absolutely fine. These are simply my own conclusions and as a free spirit, you are encouraged to decide for yourself. Now, on to the fun.

1. I recommend reading Conviction of a Time Traveler. The author has summarized and analyzed the John Titor posts and the book is a great starting point.


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2015 Earthquake


I have been speaking with an individual who has suggested that the nuclear war John Titor predicted may not be a war, per se, but
instead a status quo change. I would like to propose the possibility of the status quo change being caused by major earthquakes, as
predicted by Nostradamus.

First, let me point out that although you cannot base the legitimacy of a time traveler on predictions alone, it seems that one of
John Titor’s predictions is coming true. Will the winter olympics be canceled? Read this recent news article.

The book Alas, Babylon, by Pat Frank, has some similarities to John Titor’s story...

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