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John Titor Comic


Artist Daniel Alonzo has announced the creation of his new John Titor comic, due to be released in December of 2017.  You can pre-order your first copy and/or support the creation of this awesome project by clicking here to go to Kickstarter.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JohnTitorsBack . 


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Outta Time

Check out my new Time Travel news show called Outta Time.  I am hoping to make new episodes every week.

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Time Travel Institute is Back


Time Travel Institute, the infamous website where John Titor once posted, is back and is better than ever!  Under new management and now run by Cosmo, the site has grown to become lightning fast with sharp looking software and a friendly atmosphere.   Some of the topics you can discuss on TTI include General Time Travel, The Science of Time Travel, John Titor, Time Travel Urban Legends, and many more. Feel free to contribute your thoughts about Time Travel and enjoy the new layout and atmosphere.  Simply click here!

Tempus Edax Rerum.


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Data Stored in DNA

DNA Strands

The link below is from 2012, but it’s still fascinating.  700 TB of data was stored in DNA.  Could this be the precursor to creating androids?


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Titor Appears 2014


I do not know if John Titor himself will be physically coming to 2014, but according to his mother, Kay, more posts or an interview may appear in July or November of 2014. This information was broadcasted via his lawyer, Larry Haber, on the Fade to Black radio show on June 12, 2014 at approximately 10:30pm Eastern. The information given was extremely vague, so it is unclear if Kay will be relaying a message or if Titor himself will be appearing.

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Impossible Planet


Scientists discover a “Mega-Earth” they once thought was impossible.

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NASA’s Flying Saucer


Nasa develops a flying saucer for Mars missions.

Photo my NASA

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Cosmic Expansion


Scientific Proof of Cosmic Expansion

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Black Hole Orbits Star


Oddly Quiet Black Hole Spotted Around Fast-Spinning Star

Photo by: Gabriel Pérez Díaz, Servicio MultiMedia (IAC)

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Holographic Universes


The Japanese have discovered, mathematically, that black holes create holographic universes.

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