Conviction of a Time Traveler

This video was made by myself, PaulaJedi, as I fully support the information in this book.   “Anonymous” approved the video, but it was my gift to him for writing an interesting book and investing so much time in the Titor story. It was 100% my own idea and creation. That being said….

Take your mind on a journey to the world of John Titor, a real time traveler that made his presence known in 2001 and maybe even before. Anonymous has conducted a very thorough investigation of this time travel legend and has shared the information he collected in a book entitled Conviction of a Time Traveler. If you think you know everything about Titor, think again. How much do you REALLY know?

Music: “Mystic Pills” from Free Music Archive


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  • ehl3  says:

    Russia and China in the news today made the hair on my neck stand up. Not to mention the current administrations waining support for Isreal. Wow …sorry nobody could be that dead on 13 years ago. Perhaps a true cfr member or maybe a time traveler maybe????????

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