Is the Multiverse God’s Consciousness?


A theory I recently concocted:

The multiverse is God’s consciousness and we were all born from it. God is 0. God is the origin.  God is also the infinite and we all are a part of him/her/it. We have access to God because our consciousness is connected to his and eachother’s. It is easy to forget that we are one. I think I finally understand. God is infinite. We are one.

Infinity + 1 = universal love.

+1 represents the physical manifestation of God’s consciousness.  Jesus. Us.  All that is physical and created from the source.

Each separate universe in the multiverse is +1, +2, +3,  and essentially +infinity.  Inside each universe resides the physical manifestations of God’s consciousness — planets, beings, stars, aliens, cats, dogs, humans, Jesus himself, etc.  Yes, Jesus is the son of God, but we are also sons/daughter’s of God!!!!

Food for thought.

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