Life is Short


Life is Short
by PaulaJedi

Some of you may wonder what this blog has to do with science and time travel. After a bit if pondering, I came to the conclusion that life itself has absolutely everything to do with time travel. We are moving forward in time and doing so faster than most of us would like. With that thought, one has to comtemplate what little time we have left with our loved ones. Today, I was reminded.

I work for a charity thrift store. All of our proceeds directly help those in need with food, clothing, shelter, and other services. After my usual daily duties, I decided to help sort clothing when I heard a knock at the back door. When I opened it, a woman came to me in tears with a jewelry box. She said it was her mom’s, who I assumed died recently. She said this pair of earrings was really special and she wanted them to go to an older woman who would appreciate them. I told her I would buy them for my mother. She then gave me a hug. Personally, I think she should have kept them but maybe her mother wanted them donated. It was a moving, heartfelt moment at the thrift store. We get those once in a while.

I like to consider this event both a gift and a message from God. I think that by appreciating her mother, this woman reminded me to appreciate my own mother. I feel I  always have, but by giving her these special earrings, I am reminded that I have a wonderful mother that I will lose one day. It makes me both happy and sad at the same time. I am lucky to have an awesome mom, but none of us want to lose loved ones. So, please, by all means, hug your mother and father if you can. Embrace your children. Appreciate every decent person in your life. The river of time flows swiftly and stops for no one.