Loss of Freedom


Dear fellow Americans,

After watching Tucker Carlson’s April 26th, 2017 episode, I decided that this needs to be said.  American freedom is in grave danger. When our young college students do not believe in the same values that we have grown to love and cherish, we risk losing our freedom when these students grow up and enter the working force.  These young folks will be our lawmakers, our lawyers, our judges, our policemen, our doctors, our teachers, our politicians, and our professors.  These young folks will be making decisions based on their inherent liberal values, values which condone the obstruction of any and all speech that does not match their ideology.  These values also include using violence to enforce this obstruction and to achieve their political objectives.

America, we are in danger of becoming a fascist country due to this intolerance.    I believe, though, that we can prepare to fight back against this fanatical, destructive, liberal ideology.  Each and every one of you who loves this country and takes our country’s true values to heart has the moral obligation to teach your children and grandchildren the truth about free speech.  Children need to study the constitution.  Children need to hear that their views are valid and should not be suppressed because someone does not agree with them.  As parents, grandparents, and caregivers, it necessary that we instill these values into our young ones so that they have the power and tools to undo the destruction that the current liberal young folks are wreaking on this country.

Please, do not rely on the school system to teach your children an objective view of how our government, our constitution, and how our country in general operates.   This needs to be done by YOU and only you.  If you do not have a copy of the constitution in your household, please obtain a copy.  Begin teaching your children and grandchildren those key values that helped shape America.  And most definitely, sleep with one eye open when you send your children to school and college.

Have open and honest discussions with your children.  Allow them to tell you what is discussed in school and among friends.  Build a good relationship with them so that they will come to you when someone is suppressing their rights, and give them the tool of facts and truth so that they can ultimately defend themselves if you are not available.   I understand that we have built a work based society and time is a factor, but all it takes is a few minutes every night before bed to explain to your children the concept of true freedom and to explain how our government works.

If we, as Americans, lose our ability to express ourselves freely, we will inevitably lose freedom itself.  It will only be a matter of time before the rest of our lives are dictated and controlled.  NOW is the time to stop this pattern of self-destruction by TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN about true civil liberty.  We need to raise Americans to fight back against the fascist regime of liberal thought that suppresses each and every American that dares to disagree.  It begins with our youth, and we are going to need strong, intelligent youth to go against the modern liberal ideology that is destroying America one sentence at a time.  Take heed Americans, we are already in a civil war and our freedom is at stake.   Please take this seriously and pledge that you will teach your children the truth.  Our future depends on it.