Multi-Dimensional Timelines


Are timelines themselves multi-dimensional?

An acquaintance of mine brought up an interesting question once. Where exactly are we when we travel through time? Is it the space/time continuum? Is it the blackness of space? Regardless of “where” we are at that moment, a timeline exists inside the time travel device itself while headed to its destination.

If a chronoaut is not frozen while he or she is “traveling” to another worldline, then events are taking place inside the device. The measurement of “time”, as we know it, is happening. He could be sleeping, eating, or reading a book, but another timeline has been made. Does this make timelines themselves mutli-dimensional?

Add another chrononaut to the scenario. If two are traveling at the same time, are there not now three timelines?
Each chrononaut possesses their own consciousness and their own set of limitless, possible, scenarios. We now have three timelines that are going to meet at the same point and then branch into other timelines once the journey is complete.

What are the implications? Imagine the web this makes in space. Wouldn’t it make it easier to pinpoint exactly what timeline you’d like to pursue since so many apparently meet and cross each other? Perhaps it is even better to travel with a partner to ensure that you can return home.  After all, the more timelines you create, the more that cross, correct?

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