On the Brink of War


You’ve read the words of Razimus and some of you, like I, see that the Habers confessed to perpetrating a time travel hoax.   That confession is what lead me to believe that John Titor is not real, but I have something else for you to consider.  Perhaps the entire Titor story was made up, but what if someone contacted the Habers to give them information about our future and they used the Titor story to get the information out there?

This would imply a myriad of other time travel possibilities. Many questions would come up. For example, did a real time traveler contact Morey Haber? Why did he choose Morey? Was it because of his computer expertise? Why didn’t the nuclear war happen in 2015? Was it code for something else or does the divergence excuse apply to this situation? There are so many new questions to ponder if you delete Titor out of the equation and insert someone new. After all, how did Morey do such a great job predicting our future? Did he simply have a talent for guessing our future based on history and politics or was he given information to pass on to us?

All politics and bipartisan views aside, we undoubtedly are on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. One, very eerily, cannot escape the words of Morey’s Titor and his mention of nuclear war. And we also have books like Alas, Babylon that seem to mirror events that are occuring in 2017. We have movies predicting presidents and national disasters. Something is going on and SOMEONE, whether it is one or more than one person, is sending us messages from the future. Perhaps it isn’t “John Titor” per se, but I think it is crystal clear that we are being warned. The evidence is out there. Books. Movies.

Am I afraid of nuclear war? No. After battling cancer and winning, nothing scares me. The end of the world as we know it only confirms, to me, that God is real and that there is an after life. So, I will not fear all these messages we have been given. After all, if “they” are able to send us these messages then perhaps “we” are capable of making changes to prevent disaster from striking. I will give you an example. In a previous article and video, I mentioned that a 4/11 event was predicted sometime during the Donald Trump presidency. It did not happen this year. I did warn the president, FBI, Homeland, and DOD, however. Did I help prevent a 4/11 disaster? We will never know.

Take heed but do not fear. Prepare, but do not panic. Be ready to fight for your freedom and stand together as ONE people instead of segregating ourselves. We will need to defend our families and neighbors and the only way to do that will be to put aside our political differences and step up to the plate once and for all. We CAN stop this nuclear war if we put our heads together and think without blame and without hating our president. This is a sitatuion that cannot be pinned down to one man. The situation with North Korea has been building up for many years. So, simply sleep with one eye open, be vigilant, and stop hating. It will be much easier to fight back that way.