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John Titor Comic


Artist Daniel Alonzo has announced the creation of his new John Titor comic, due to be released in December of 2017.  You can pre-order your first copy and/or support the creation of this awesome project by clicking here to go to Kickstarter.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JohnTitorsBack . 


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Outta Time

Check out my new Time Travel news show called Outta Time.  I am hoping to make new episodes every week.

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No Longer a Mystery

John Titor: No Longer a Mystery

Today, I read a blog by Temporal Recon and one word stood out from his writing. In fact, it was that one word  that inspired me to write this blog, and that word is ‘mystery’. I haven’t felt many creative urges to write or  explore the John Titor story during the past few months. I’ve blamed the mental boredom on being busy and simply lacking inspiration, but I believe I’ve finally discovered the true issue at hand. After doing years of research and discussing the story at length with a few individuals, I’ve come to realize that the John Titor saga is no longer a mystery to me.  Because of this, I’ve lost the feeling of intrigue and wonder.

After finding a book mark from 2008, I recently discovered that I have been studying John Titor since 2008. Almost all of my research has been kept quiet for legal reasons. I do not feel it is legally or morally correct to discuss people, their lives, and their locations on the internet without their knowledge or permission. Regardless, I’ve come to the conclusion that although some of the details included in Titor’s original posts were not 100% true, I feel that he really is a time traveler. So, in a sense, I solved that portion of the mystery for myself. What is left to investigate if I’ve already come to that conclusion?

There are smaller details, as Temporal Recon points out, that still remain a mystery. In his blog, he states, “You don’t really think Titor was from 2036, do you?”.  This is a great example of what I mean when I say that John Titor’s story was not 100% true. A newfound mystery is created. Why did Titor say such a thing?  Did he mean something else? Was it a message meant for someone or was it just filler as he made his presence known on the internet for other purposes?  For some reason, I’m not finding the need to obsess about these small details. It seems that deciding John Titor is legitimate has satisfied my thirst for the truth. This is where the lack of  inspiration falls into place.

Overall, I’ve accepted John’s quest as one giant entity and have decided that the smaller parts aren’t as important as the larger message that he very graciously supplied to us. Something is going to happen soon, and it would be in our best interest to prepare for a disaster or status quo change. It has been reiterated to me by Temporal Recon, either directly or indirectly, and by simple insinuation. With the current events happening around the world, I can insinuate that shit will hit the fan soon and I should make preparations to help my family survive whatever is thrown our way. This has been my main focus during the past few months. Much of the mystery of John Titor, for me, has become reality. It has become less fantasy and more of a guide. He has left us with the gift of warnings and even a little advice.  He’s not a super hero.  He’s not a magician.    John Titor is a real man. The mystery has been removed.

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New Time Machine

We’ve been over-thinking time travel. Titor, this one’s for you.

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Guide to John Titor


A Beginner’s Guide to John Titor

I am writing this blog with the assumption that you know the basic story of John Titor. You can read my John Titor summary in my interview with Temporal Recon.  Instead of re-telling the story and in an attempt to educate or enlighten the public, I would like to post some basic and somewhat random information about John Titor that is based on my own research and my conversations with my mentor. Some of the information will most likely be disputed, and that is absolutely fine. These are simply my own conclusions and as a free spirit, you are encouraged to decide for yourself. Now, on to the fun.

1. I recommend reading Conviction of a Time Traveler. The author has summarized and analyzed the John Titor posts and the book is a great starting point.

2. Study the Multiple Timeline Theory. Multiple timelines are a tricky subject and even I get caught in a web once in a while. Remember that it is theorized that you create a new universe each time you time travel. Multiple universes have been scientifically proven to exist.  You can read about it by clicking here.

3. John Titor most likely represents an entire team of people. Different grammar styles exist in the Titor posts because different people wrote them. This does not mean that John Titor is a hoax, but rather, a team of people were or are still are involved.

4. There is a possibilty that the story Titor posted may not be 100% true or literal. For example, nobody, except for a few select people of course, knows if “Kay” is really his mother or if “he” really sold oranges in his future. Think about the possibility of this information referring to something completely different. Does the story contain hidden messages to other time travelers? Is the story a warning meant for someone specific or even for people who may figure it out? Did the story even lend a totally different purpose that only the 177th knows about? These are questions to ponder.

5. Contrary to popular belief, almost all of Titor’s “predictions” have come true. Predictions alone are not sufficient evidence to determine if someone is or is not a time traveler, however. Here is a good example of why. Let’s pretend, for the sake of conversation, that I am a time traveler. I, personally, do not like sports. I don’t follow sports and I know very little about teams, scores, etc. Why, then, would I know the score of football game? If I do not pay attention to that information now, why would I do it when I time traveled? On a similar note, how would I know the winning lottery numbers on a particular date for every state? Is it logical to assume that time travelers go around collecting this information simply to prove to people they encounter that they are real? Do you really think they keep a personal database for justification purposes? I’m doubting it.

6. A time traveler is not a super hero. John Titor was on a specific mission. I am doubting his boss told him to stop the Kennedy Assassination or to prevent 911. The mutliple timeline theory would make this somewhat impossible, anyway. He would only be able to change the current time line, not all of them, and apparently not even his own original time line. This is precisely why he could meet himself without ramifications. Please note: I have my own theories about multiple timelines, but this is the information that was taught to me. Feel free to think outside the box and explore other possibilities.

7. Stalking and harrassing people you believe to be involved with the John Titor story will get you this many answers: ZERO. There is so much information available to you if you would simply read and think. Leave people alone. Some individuals involved really don’t know much more than you do.

8. Read the book Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank. There are some similarities between the John Titor story and this book. Think about the implications. Is the information similar for a reason, perhaps to draw attention? Was the writing of this book influenced in any way? Think outside the box.

9.  There are many John Titor impostors.  Use common sense.  A time traveler isn’t going to sell hats and t-shirts.  In fact, he will only make himself known if it is part of his mission.

I will continue to update this blog as thoughts cross my mind.  It will be an ongoing assignment.  So, come back often to check.

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Conviction of a Time Traveler

This video was made by myself, PaulaJedi, as I fully support the information in this book.   “Anonymous” approved the video, but it was my gift to him for writing an interesting book and investing so much time in the Titor story. It was 100% my own idea and creation. That being said….

Take your mind on a journey to the world of John Titor, a real time traveler that made his presence known in 2001 and maybe even before. Anonymous has conducted a very thorough investigation of this time travel legend and has shared the information he collected in a book entitled Conviction of a Time Traveler. If you think you know everything about Titor, think again. How much do you REALLY know?

Music: “Mystic Pills” from Free Music Archive

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