Universal Positioning System


I have discovered two possible ways to time travel. One I wish to focus on today is the same method John Titor uses.  Simply put, microsingularities, or tiny black holes, manipulate the time line and take a person to their destination in time.  The problem with this technology is that one must physically travel to a desired location before even using the time travel device. For example, if the time traveler wanted to witness his own birth, he would have to drive or fly to that location and then use the time travel device to enter the past. To return home, he’d have to first travel home and then use his return device.

I would like to propose Universal and Multi-Universal Positioning,  the marriage of two technologies in an effort to remedy this inconvenience. What if one could incorporate GPS with time travel so that the chrononaut would not have to travel beforehand? Using GPS technology, during time periods in which it exists, of course, could allow the traveler to pinpoint his desired destination. Perhaps scientists could even develop a multi-world line UPS, for that matter, to help pinpoint the exact worldline to which he wants to travel as well.  If they could only incorporate my multi-worldline internet idea and utilize the same idea of placing satellites throughout the universe, orbiting planets near black holes, maybe it could be done.

One obvious situation does arise. GPS would not work in time periods where no GPS satellites exist. So, when traveling to the distant past, the “old fashioned” method of time travel would have to be used. Even visits to the distant future could be troublesome because the future could be using a totally different technology and the GPS satellites could be obsolete.

It wouldn’t be difficult for a chrononaut to discover the technology of each time period, report back home to scientists,  and utilize that technology to simplify time travel. Whatever method of navigation is used in the future could be fused with the time travel device to make time travel more precise.

Why, though, should science even rely on human made satellites when we have our own map of the stars?  We also have maps of our own planet with longitude and latitude. Perhaps I am over-simplifying, but couldn’t the use of simple longitude and latitude be used to pinpoint a location on Earth to which to travel? Why drive to a location beforehand if scientists could develop a way to make the time travel device itself mobile, like an airplane? In fact, why not develop a system similar to current air traffic control systems?

To read more about NASA’s current GPS technology, click here.
Again, though expensive, I suggest placing this system throughout the universe.

There are so many ways that John Titor’s technology could be improved. If you would like to share some of your ideas, please leave a comment below.

Photo by NASA

Addendum: Use my spectral data transmission idea to send data from one GPS to another and from one UPS system to another.

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