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The Shape of the Multiverse


What is the shape of the multiverse?

First, I’d like to note that I am not looking into any other theories about this topic.  I am generating these thoughts from my own mind without seeking validation from our great and highly respected physicists.  Sometimes, our own thought process does not need to have scientific confirmation to foster further thought and discussion.

That being said, what if the multiverse was shaped like this:

The rose curve equation displays each petal as k or 2 k with k being infinity.  Therefore, I am believing it is possible that each set of infinity is an individual universe in the multiverse.

If this is true, we could potentially map out locations in time and be more precise with our time travel devices:

Make note of the origin of all of these theoretical universes: 0.

This challenges my first belief that we cannot return to our home universe.  Perhaps we can!

Also, note the SHAPE of the infinity symbol:

Look familiar?
I may be making a scientific fool of myself because I have not backed any of this up with text book physics, but you what? Who cares.

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Is the Multiverse God’s Consciousness?


A theory I recently concocted:

The multiverse is God’s consciousness and we were all born from it. God is 0. God is the origin.  God is also the infinite and we all are a part of him/her/it. We have access to God because our consciousness is connected to his and eachother’s. It is easy to forget that we are one. I think I finally understand. God is infinite. We are one.

Infinity + 1 = universal love.

+1 represents the physical manifestation of God’s consciousness.  Jesus. Us.  All that is physical and created from the source.

Each separate universe in the multiverse is +1, +2, +3,  and essentially +infinity.  Inside each universe resides the physical manifestations of God’s consciousness — planets, beings, stars, aliens, cats, dogs, humans, Jesus himself, etc.  Yes, Jesus is the son of God, but we are also sons/daughter’s of God!!!!

Food for thought.

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