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NASA’s Flying Saucer


Nasa develops a flying saucer for Mars missions.

Photo my NASA

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Russian Time Traveler


Eugene Gayduchok
The Mystery of A Russian Time Traveler

First, I have to admit, it has not been easy reading about Mr. Gayduchok on various Russian websites translated by Google.  The grammar styles never transalte properly, so it is a tiresome read. I decided to blog about this man in English and will provide the original Russian links at the end for your own research.  So, on with the story. I will summarize the information I found.

In 1985, a man named Eugene Gayduchok visits Moscow to speak with a paranormal investigator named Vadim Chernobrovay.  Eugene told the man that he was from the 23rd century and he came to discuss a time machine that was being built, although Vadim says he wasn’t building one, at least not yet! To prove he was a time traveler, Eugene predicted the dinsitegration of USSR and Boris Yeltsin, as well as the Yugoslavian war.

When he was 13, Eugene claims to have entered a time travel device with his girlfriend and it accidentally took him to the 1930’s.  He apparently sent his girlfriend back and began wandering. He states that someone adopted him and he grew up in his own past and eventually worked, married, and had children.  Gayduchok was later drafted in to the Army, where he made predictions to his colleagues.

He died October 19, 1991.

I will research this topic further and find out what happened to his girlfriend.

The following links about Eugene have been given to me by a friend on a forum. You will have to click the “translate” button on your browser if you don’t know Russian.

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