John Titor Solved


If I remember correctly, and believe me, with my aging brain remembering doesn’t always come as easy as it use to, I’ve been studying John Titor since 2008. I’ve tried to track him down, ignoring key people in the saga as well ending up hitting some brick walls, or dead ends as they are usually called.  I just didn’t put the elbow grease into the effort, and was caught up in the story itself. After all, the John Titor story is fascinating and creative and it has entertained hundreds of people for over 15 years.

I ran into a guy named Razimus, and at first I was very skeptical of his claim that he solved John Titor with nothing but handwriting analysis. To me, it seemed something was missing and I couldn’t help but think that many people could write in the same style. I also pondered the fact that someone else did the writing for Titor. Could Morey Haber have written FOR John Titor? It’s possible, but what are the odds that an entire family would be involved with John Titor himself? If John were real, he would only be dealing with the lawyer, Larry Haber, and the family members would have no need to intervene with this endeavor because Larry assumably had nothing but a professional relationship with Titor.

When you watch this video by Razimus of Hoax Hunter, you will see that every single Haber brother and even a son/nephew became involved in covering up the actions of Morey Haber. This information and the e-mails Razimus received are what have casted doubt in my belief that John Titor is real. And you know what?  In the back of my mind, I knew it all along. The Haber family was sticking out like a sore thumb this whole time, but because the story was romanticized, it was easy to overlook their involvement.

Am I embarrassed that I believed John Titor was real? No. Not in the least. We learn, grow, and change as time goes on. That is perfectly normal for any human being.   I am still a strong believer in time travel itself. My theory is that even if time travel is invented in 1000 years, it exists now because if someone can access our timeline, then the technology most certainly exists.

I cannot fathom time travel not existing in, let’s say, 3000 years. I believe it is inevitable. Current physicists would not be able to comprehend the technology of 3000 years into the future, so of course some of them may be skeptical. Scientists such as Kaku believe that type 0 civilizations cannot achieve time travel. Well, he is a type 0 scientist. Of course he believes that. But, jump into the future when this same civilization is a type 3. They WILL be able to time travel, in my humble opinion, and traveling to our time makes time travel itself even exist for us!

At any rate, I do plan on keeping my site up to explore more aspects of space and time travel and I will never forget the John Titor story and how it has impacted my life. Below is the video containing Razimus’ proof that Morey Haber is indeed the John Titor hoaxter.