A Multi-Worldline Internet


A Multi-Worldline Internet

Time is perceived in several different ways, including linear and cyclical. Let’s assume, for the sake of conversation, that we know, without a doubt, that time is linear. Knowing that one method of time travel involves moving back and forth on a “world line”, why wouldn’t humanity be able to develop a technology similar to Wi-Fi that would allow us to communicate with other world lines?

This becomes a complicated question. First, scientists would have to develop a method of choosing exactly which worldline to which they would like to send data without accidentally creating a new one. (Current theory states that each time we enter a worldline, we are, in fact, branching out on a new one.) Second, we would have to place hubs or satellites in various time locations to receive this data. Once the data is received, the data could easily be sent forward via the worldline’s current internet/wi-fi network, assuming they already have one. It could very well become a cyclical style data collection network from many points in time.

The second question is, how could this be done? I am not a physicist or engineer. I would imagine that using John Titor style microsingularities would be in order. After all, if one can travel to another worldline, why wouldn’t data be able to travel there as well? If we send a frequency to space, wouldn’t it infinitely travel until it found something to receive it? Perhaps, the newly found magnetic space portals found by NASA could be used or even existing black holes themselves. Again, I do not know the answer to this question, but it is very interesting to contemplate.

Communicating with other timelines would bring about an infinite number of problems, just as time travel could. It would have to be controlled, very well,  in order for it not to be used to harm or corrupt. Our motivation for even wanting to communicate with ourselves would have to be in check in the first place. What would be the benefit? Should it be attemped simply because we can, or are there moral implications?

As you can see, developing science just because we can isn’t as simple as it sounds. What was the very first motivation for creating time travel itself? Was it as simple as “if we can do, why not?” So, my question to you is this. If we could develop a multi-worldline internet, should we?

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