No Longer a Mystery

John Titor: No Longer a Mystery

Today, I read a blog by Temporal Recon and one word stood out from his writing. In fact, it was that one word  that inspired me to write this blog, and that word is ‘mystery’. I haven’t felt many creative urges to write or  explore the John Titor story during the past few months. I’ve blamed the mental boredom on being busy and simply lacking inspiration, but I believe I’ve finally discovered the true issue at hand. After doing years of research and discussing the story at length with a few individuals, I’ve come to realize that the John Titor saga is no longer a mystery to me.  Because of this, I’ve lost the feeling of intrigue and wonder.

After finding a book mark from 2008, I recently discovered that I have been studying John Titor since 2008. Almost all of my research has been kept quiet for legal reasons. I do not feel it is legally or morally correct to discuss people, their lives, and their locations on the internet without their knowledge or permission. Regardless, I’ve come to the conclusion that although some of the details included in Titor’s original posts were not 100% true, I feel that he really is a time traveler. So, in a sense, I solved that portion of the mystery for myself. What is left to investigate if I’ve already come to that conclusion?

There are smaller details, as Temporal Recon points out, that still remain a mystery. In his blog, he states, “You don’t really think Titor was from 2036, do you?”.  This is a great example of what I mean when I say that John Titor’s story was not 100% true. A newfound mystery is created. Why did Titor say such a thing?  Did he mean something else? Was it a message meant for someone or was it just filler as he made his presence known on the internet for other purposes?  For some reason, I’m not finding the need to obsess about these small details. It seems that deciding John Titor is legitimate has satisfied my thirst for the truth. This is where the lack of  inspiration falls into place.

Overall, I’ve accepted John’s quest as one giant entity and have decided that the smaller parts aren’t as important as the larger message that he very graciously supplied to us. Something is going to happen soon, and it would be in our best interest to prepare for a disaster or status quo change. It has been reiterated to me by Temporal Recon, either directly or indirectly, and by simple insinuation. With the current events happening around the world, I can insinuate that shit will hit the fan soon and I should make preparations to help my family survive whatever is thrown our way. This has been my main focus during the past few months. Much of the mystery of John Titor, for me, has become reality. It has become less fantasy and more of a guide. He has left us with the gift of warnings and even a little advice.  He’s not a super hero.  He’s not a magician.    John Titor is a real man. The mystery has been removed.

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